Santa Teresa Gallura beaches and surroundings

The charm of these places halfway between this and the other border.

Walking down the historical center is the business card of the place itself – where every Thursday a local craft market is there is to welcome and greet the tourists.
Capo Testa is one of the most evocative places of the territory. Granite rocks and its small, hidden bay make it a shamanic place, even if it’s just for a walk on sunset. Although, it is also perfect for trekking, climbing, and hiking paths that lead you to surprising marvelous views.
Santa Teresa also gives you a chance to take a day trip in Bonifacio in Corsica. A ferry from the local port can bring you there in about one and a half hours (car included). Bonifacio’s area is simply beautiful.
Cala Grande, better known as the Valle della luna (moon valley), is a charming place, popular among the hippy community. It offers an astonishing landscape and the proper silence needed to regenerate the body and the soul.
The Santa Teresa beaches, located on each side of the bay, frame Valle dell’Erica, Conca Verde, Cala Spinosa, Rena bianca, RenaMajore, Cala Sambuco and many cliffs from which to plunge from to enjoy a refreshing bath.
The first week of September, Santa Teresa, hosts the Musica sulle Bocche festival. A unique experience of live concerts on the beach at sunrise, with a grand piano playing for you on the seashore!

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