Palau beaches and surroundings

One of the most spectacular areas of the Northeastern coast of Sardinia.

Just to name a few beaches near Palau that we recommend…
La Sciumara. This wonderful beach is close from the village center and it’s really well maintained. At the entrance there’s a kiosk and the “library chalet” where you can borrow books to read on the beach. Facing Spargi Island there’s Cala di Trana: fascinating and charming, white sand and a clear sea.
Through the rocks you can spot Talmone beach and the nearby sandbar: Portopollo’s kingdom of surfers of the Gulls’ Island.
Palau is also perfect to hang out after dinner, with its numerous stands. Every evening they set up a little market of local artisans where you can surely find a little souvenir to bring back with you.
An afternoon at the Monte Altura Fortress will make you feel great, a “gigantic” giant that dominates the sea from above.
A military fortress of the Second World War has now become accessible to visitors. Inside the fortress there is also a set up of an exposition about military constructions from the 1700s, and it’s just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. You cannot miss The Tombs of the Giants Li Mizzani and Sajacciu.
A place that exudes a purifying and healing, magnetic energy. The silence that rules here is a 100% nature immersion and will allow you to experience a true moment of relaxation.
A tour of the group of islands called Maddalena’s Archipelago is a must. From the Palau’s port each morning, there are numerous ferries waiting take you on a cruise through the famous islands.
For those who love trekking, the Capo D’Orso Rock is a landmark to sailors, since ancient times, and is also the symbol of Palau. Not to mention that the view is breathtaking!


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